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Free Registration

It has always been our aim to allow free registration on this site. However, due to high the demand and our need to concentrate on paid work, we have been unable to keep up with processing the submissions. This has resulted in a very large backlog.

We would like to process the backlog of submissions, work on making the site even more visible in the search engines and implement all sorts of exciting new features. But sadly, we feel that it is time to admit defeat and accept that our high hopes for the site will not be fulfilled without generating some income from it.

Whilst we still wish to resist charging for entries we have decided to stop free registration until further notice. This should give us a breathing space to work on the site. For those who can't wait for an entry on the site we are providing a paid fast track registration service. The income that we generate from this will pay for much needed development work on the site. By choosing to fast track your registration you are helping to make this site a success.

Fast track registration £25

Once your payment has been made we will setup an account for you and send you the login details allowing you to add your details to the site.

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