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Ash Amad
West Yorkshire
Source Language: English, Urdu, Punjabi
Target Language: English, Urdu

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    1. Does the whole document need to be translated? It is often possible to produce shortened versions of the text for translation. Also by replacing text with a picture or diagram you can convey the meaning in fewer words.
    2. Think international from the start. If you know that the text is to be translated you can reduce the complexity of the task by avoiding culturally specific language such a metaphors and humor.
    3. How much will it cost? Be realistic if you have spent considerable time and resources producing a document for translation it is important to have a quality translation. Don’t employ a general translator when a specialist is required and remember you will get a better result by paying a reasonable rate for the hours involved.
    4. How important is style? Have you agonized over the right wording to use and to you want the translator to do the same? Alternatively is the translation only for information? In which case would a rough translation be adequate?
    5. Complete the text before having it translated. Ensure that the text is the final draft.
    6. Tell the translator what it’s for. This will help a translator to provide the most suitable text for your requirements


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